IBM Cloud Pak for Data makes this concept of a data fabric possible. IBM Cloud Pak for Data is an insight platform that simplifies and automates data collection, organization, and analysis of data and accelerates the infusion of AI throughout your business. With its capabilities to connect data everywhere; run workloads anywhere; and build, deploy and manage AI at scale in hybrid cloud environments, IBM Cloud Pak for Data is the enabler for a business digital transformation.

Data only delivers business value when it is contextualized and becomes accessible by any user or application in the organization. When implemented correctly, a data fabric helps ensure those values are available throughout the organization in the most efficient and automated way possible. As such, the fabric has three key benefits:
1. Enable self-service data consumption and collaboration.
2. Automate governance, protection, and security; enabled by active metadata.
3. Automate data engineering tasks and augment data integration across hybrid cloud resources.

AWS Redshift is a popular data warehousing solution that can handle data on an exabytes scale. Made possible by its Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) technology, Redshift is able to execute operations on a humongous volume of data at lightning speed  — while typically costing only a fraction of what competitors like Oracle and Teradata charge for comparable products. Redshift shines in its ability to handle huge volumes of data — capable of processing structured and unstructured data in the range of exabytes. Together with Amazon Lambda, Glue Step Functions empower AWS Redshift to be a very effective data warehousing and analytics platform.

JCO is partnering with SecureAge to offer SecureAPlus – a cloud antivirus / anti-malware and application control software. With multiple layers of defense through its powerful yet simple Application Whitelisting, more than 10 anti-virus engines in the cloud with Universal AV, and AI-powered APEX engine, it is able to diagnose threats in real-time.