Data Warehouse / Data Lake Solution

Our solution to provide a scalable, secure, and reliable data infrastructure that enables you to make faster, more informed decisions

Amazon Redshift

Best price-performance for cloud data warehousing


Snowflake for Data Warehouse

Unify data across clouds to accelerate and scale analytics with near-zero administration.


- Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift

AWS Redshift is a popular data warehousing solution that can handle data on an exabytes scale. Made possible by its Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) technology, Redshift is able to execute operations on a humongous volume of data at lightning speed  — while typically costing only a fraction of what competitors like Oracle and Teradata charge for comparable products. Redshift shines in its ability to handle huge volumes of data — capable of processing structured and unstructured data in the range of exabytes. Together with Amazon Lambda, Glue Step Functions empower AWS Redshift to be a very effective data warehousing and analytics platform.

- Snowflake


Architected specifically for a seamless, cross-cloud experience, Snowflake automates data warehouse administration and maintenance.
  • Automatic updates with no scheduled downtime.
  • Cross-cloud data replication for seamless, global data access.
  • Acquire and share data with customers, partners, and vendors in the Data Cloud.


Frustration-free SQL analytics without contention between analysts and workloads.
  • Migrate existing SQL and onboard new users with fully ANSI SQL-compatible support.
  • Create and share visualizations with Snowsight Dashboards.
  • Connect with popular business intelligence and advanced analytics tools.


Interoperability across major public clouds without worrying about administration and maintenance.
  • Scale to meet demand in seconds, with on-demand compute and auto-stop/auto-resume to ensure resources are used optimally.
  • Get automatic query caching, planning, parsing, and optimization.
  • Access crucial data from inside and outside your organization with data sharing.


Secure data while providing governed access to authorized users and privacy-preserving collaboration.
  • Secure sensitive data with policy-based access controls.
  • Understand, classify, and track data and its usage.
  • Securely collaborate and share data across teams.