Sustainability Services Solutions

Our solution for corporates to:

  •  Develop sustainability strategy
  •  Perform sustainability reporting
  • Address social responsibility issue
  • Implement environmental management

ESG Solutions

To build and accelerate deep-tech energy innovation capabilities in Singapore to support the nation’s future energy transition


Faradai Platform

Save energy & increase the Sustainability of your enterprise with End-to-End Intelligence


- ESG Solutions

Social and governance

Integration of S and G components of organization


Benchmarking based on industrial standards and compliance (e.g. GRI).


Real time carbon reporting and ESG analysis

ESG Platform Functions and Features

Data sorting and cleansing

Automated cleaning of carbon related data of different input formats

Carbon profiling

Tracking and trend analysis of carbon footprint real-time/ historical

Cloud based storage and analysis

Providing cloud based storage for fast data integration & Singapore Centric emission factors

- Faradai Platform


Faradai Sustain leverages powerful automation tools to easily capture sustainability data across your organization and transform it into a single system of record. This new level of insight will enable you to report with confidence and meet the diverse needs of both internal and external stakeholders.

Platform Features

Cloud Scalability

Device Interoperability

Edge Analytics with IoT Gateway

Advanced Cyber security

Predictive Intelligence

Edge Device Management

Modularity & API, Machine Learning Libraries

Multi-Purpose Data Visualisation

Advanced Rule Engine